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Microwave Radiation Leakage Testing

Microwave ovens utilize radiation to heat food. In some instances this radiation leakage can be harmful to humans. It is important to ensure that your microwave is shielding you, your employees and your family from radiation leakage.

Being exposed to high levels of microwave radiation can cause health problems, such as cataracts and burns. While most microwave oven leaks are considered to be too small to create such significant health risks, a microwave that is leaking radiation could cause unknown health risks and isn't likely to be as efficient as it should be.

Microwaves efficiency varies. In certain environments some microwave ovens can fail to perform at the correct level of efficiency. Midlands’s Pat Testing Services can perform a safety check at a very low cost so make sure you, your family, and business are safe from harmful radiation.

compliance to Electricity at Work Act and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. We can provide effective testing using calibrated equipment to ensure that your microwave oven complies with current leakage standards:BS EN 60335-2-25:

Domestic Microwave Ovens
BS EN 60335-2-90: Commercial microwave OvensWithin the standards and guidance documents, microwave oven leakage should not exceed 5mW/sq cm when measured at a distance of 50mm or more from the exterior surface of the appliance under test. We use accurate and reliable test equipment to verify that microwave ovens meet these standards.


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