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Who Needs PAT Testing?

The Health and Safety Executive guidance topics state the requirement that “any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition.” Thus, it is important for any business owner, from a sole proprietorship who works from home, from a large multi-national corporation to ensure compliance with this requirement. The responsibility of safe appliances lies with the person who is the duty holder; this could be a business owner, landlord, equipment user, or manager of a premisis.

Any portable appliance in a working area, from a printer to a kettle, to a microwave to even a vacuum cleaner, should have periodic portable appliance testing, especially via a qualified and certified PAT Testing engineer. A PAT Testing engineer will know exactly what to look for and where to look for it, from plugs and outlets to the casings around any portable appliances.

Another group who need to consider adding PAT Testing to their yearly business practice are landlords. If a person is letting out accommodation in order to make money as a business venture, and this includes such places as flats, boats and holiday rentals, then they fall under the same safety regulations as a standard office building. Flats still have plugs and wiring, as well as portable electronic appliances such as microwaves, kettles, and washing machines and all these portable appliances are under the responsibility of the landlord to ensure they are safe under the 1994 Electrical Equipment Regulations.

Other businesses that should perform frequent PAT Testing include beauty salons, night clubs, hotels, doctors’ offices, and health clubs. PAT Testing does not just apply to standard offices with computers and copiers, but any workplace that has portable electric appliances. It not only a smart business move to have all of the companies appliances checked and up to date, but it also ensures the health and safety of both their employees and their customers for the future.

PAT testing helps to promote safety within the workplace. In the UK every year there are approximately 30 people killed as a direct result of contact with electricity. Even more are seriously injured. PAT testing helps to reduce the risk of being injured by ensuring that portable appliances are safe for use. HSE PAT testing regulations are designed to ensure that all portable appliances are checked to ensure their safety.

PAT testing health & safety are important in keeping workplaces safe. The Health & Safety Executive estimates that more than 25 percent of all accidents related to electric use involve portable appliances. Portable appliances can include computers and monitors, printers, toasters, fridges, kettles ad anything else that is typically used in every tasks.

Following PAT testing HSE guidelines will ensure that you comply with federal regulations and that you protect yourself, your employees and customers or clients from electrical injuries. Following HSE Pat testing guidelines will help you to significantly reduce the risk of injury or fire from portable electrical appliances and ensures that you are compliant with ISO9000/1 as well as with BS5750. Following these guidelines also helps you to satisfy requirements that may be set forth by insurance companies.

The best reason however for adhering to HSE PAT testing guidelines is to provide your business with a bit of protection and to reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries due to contact with portable electrical appliances. PAT testing will ensure that all portable appliances are safe for use which will reduce your risks.

Of course there are always exceptions to every rule but in general, all appliances that are deemed portable and run on electricity should be checked regularly and maintained properly. adhering to the guidelines is as simple as hiring a PAT tester to check your equipment regularly.



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